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Twin Pyramids part 1


This little gem may be considered a classic in some parts of the world, but we’re guessing those are the areas where toilet paper is considered a luxury. With costumes apparently pilfered from an old Miami Vice set and a black male star who’s so over-the-top testosterone-packed that he makes Barry White sound like an over-the-rainbow screaming queen, we just have to wonder if it’s supposed to be this ridiculous. The macho man essays the role of a sultan, with a ‘legendary big-titted harem’ he’s willing to hand over in exchange for jewels. The jeweler turns out to be a whiter-than-white boy playing an Arab. The sultan’s harem consists of two gigantic women with enormous, pendulous, National Geographic tits bumping around at waist level. Their very seductive dance consists mostly of sticking their tongues out at the camera and swaying slightly. They do have sex, eventually – sort of. Mainly, they just lie still and endure the attentions of the Sultan, the Arab and some Explorer Dude who never removes his pith helmet.

Date: April 24, 2023