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The Visualizer


The Visualizer, originally released in 1992, could have very well been called The Daydreamer. The film follows Mike Horner as the lead Dan Baker working at a dead-end job for TT Boy and still struggling with his girlfriend more than a year ago. As he walks through life fantasizes he gets laid. The film opens with Mike having another lonely night out and coming home to his imaginary dog when he fantasizes Chrissy Ann is on his couch giving him detailed events of what she’d like him to do to her while she masturbates. The next day at work, Mike’s co-worker Tony Martino comes in and tries to help him out before Mike has to go in and see his boss TT Boy. While getting reprimanded, Mike checkes out TT’s secretaries Selena Steele, Heather Hart, and Heidi Kat. They gather on the office couch where all the girls take off their tops for some titty fucking by Mike then Selena and Heather tag team sucking his cock only for Heather to break away and ide his face shile Selena continues the sucking. Heidi and Selena get together while Heather rides Mike’s cock then Mike takes Selena in doggie style and missionary. The entire time Mike is getting fucked right next to him is the girl on girl action until the scene comes to a close with Selena jerking off Mike and licking him clean. After Mike meets his neighbor, the blonde Melanie Moore he wakes up in the middle of the night and has a fantasy of Melanie getting down with Chrissy Ann, who I am guessing was Mike’s former girlfriend. Then Mike’s buddy Tony, playing the horn-dog named Hooter, brings over the “sure thing” Heidi Kat to fuck Mike. But before they do that, she and Tony break away for a quick blow job in Mike apartment. Heidi is a great power cock sucker using both hands and her mouth as she energetically tugs and sucks Tony off until he shoots a pop shot that goes awry. Later on in the film Tony meets up with his co worker Selena Steele for some action and the film closes out with Mike finally getting laid with his neighbor Melanie Moore. The Visualizer wasn’t really anything special except for Heidi Cat’s cock sucking. It does give you an idea of how good a performer/actor Mike Horner was even back in the day.

Date: January 28, 2023