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Take My Body


Don’t miss the incredible look-alike (of you know who) ‘Mary Monroe’ as her fabulous body and uninhibited sexual passions literally burn up the screen with unrestrained pleasure…!””Set in the most exquisite locations imaginable, “Take My Body” contains more sex per minute than anything I’ve seen yet…’Mary Monroe’ is even more arousing than ever…!””Natasha, a beautiful international spy, is the central figure in this adult thriller where the intrigue is even more exciting because of her blatantly erotic exploits as she seeks danger and privates across guarded lines.”Her identity is kept a private by her posing as a wanton, lustful call-girl who gives her body in such a bewildering selection of different and arousing deviations that no one would suspect her real mission.”From bedroom to boardroom, and all the hidden places she can find in between, she not only satisfies her lovers, but also obtains illicit information. She spins a sensual web of soft, deeply satisfying encounters, each wilder and more intense than the last. about Olinka – The Porn StarA lean, leggy blonde beauty who hailed originally from France, Porn Star Olinka was among the first European imports to make a name for herself on this side of the Atlantic. Olinka was a brash, aggressive sexual performer who clearly seemed to revel in her work. She sported a nicely toned yet mouthwateringly curvaceous figure, ripe with natural wonders just waiting to be uncovered.Olinka first brought her flirtatiously spunky demeanor to hardcore in 1986. She started popping up here and there in various shot-in-Europe flicks and imported videos. Olinka was sometimes touted as a Marylin Monroe lookalike (as in the flick ‘Comeback of Marylin’), but in fact she bore little resemblance to the late sex goddess. No, Olinka brought a sexual sizzle all her own to every role.Olinka drifted away from the scene by 1990. Her ravenous, do-anything nature and dazzlingly beautiful good looks insure that folks will still be snatching up her videos long into the foreseeable future.

Date: April 28, 2023