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Reseau Baise


The film begins in a restaurant with Laura Valry at the bar. A young woman seated with an elderly man. She gets a phone call asking her to go to the toilets downstairs. There she meets a man who remains unidentified and with whom she has sex. J-P Armand and Alain L’Yle are seating in front of a caf. JPA gets a phone call from a woman’s voice who knows about his scene with the girl in the toilets the day before and wants to play cat and mouse with him. She invites him to meet her in a cinema. They enter the dark room and meet a girl on her own. Things quickly get to a torrid threesome with a few helping and caressing hands from three elderly men of the audience while a porn movie is being shown. Torrid scene involving a woman seen several times in other A. Payet films. A very pretty girl [Marie Noelly] gets a phone call from the same female voice telling her about the coming of a man. She is supposed to know how to deal with this … Enter JPA and A. L’Yle. The girl after a short hesitation submits to their wildest desires and eventually comes while being dp’d. Another phone call for our two heroes. This time they are invited to a garage at night where they meet Melody Kiss. She’s at first quite awkward, as A. L’Yle notices but eventually swallows all the two friends have to give. The scene ends on her laughing for their not turning their headlights out leaves them without any power from the battery. Coming home on foot they have a little discussion and JPA decides he needs something to eat. Next scene takes place inside a bakery. The landlady and her shop assistant Marie go to the basement and soon have fun together. Our two glorious heroes enter the shop and, alerted by some sweet sound coming from downstairs, join them for a threesome. Our two heroes decide to part and we follow A. L’Yle to some sort of a Club where he is introduced to a young woman by Frank Balard. The girl is a prostitute who quickly takes him in hand and mouth. After she has put a condom on him he comes into her and goes away. Then the usual pervert in so many A. Payet films comes, spreads the content of the condom on her and she very noisily masturbates in front of him. Jean-Pierre Armand is seated at a bar. Next to him, Laura Valry is discussing with a lovely woman. Jean-Pierre Armand recognizes her voice: She’s the girl on the phone who’s been dragging him from girl to girl. She tells him that they were at school together and that he did not pay attention to her and other classmates at the time because he had a love affair with another girl. She lets him know that now, he has met all the girls of that class in the flesh. They laugh and go out to a staircase where they make it and he comes on her breast.

Date: April 27, 2023