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Paris Frivol


Morning – she goes out. Claire (Kelly Deep) arrives and changes into basque, discovers Christophe in only a towel which expands outwards as she bends over in front of him – b/g. Cut to a street scene. A brunette in a red dress is seen approaching and entering a porn cinema. Brigitte Verbecq is having lesbian sex on screen. The brunette turns out to be the usherette (Sylvie Door). She gives oral sex to a male patron. Then she goes into the projection room and has sex with the projectionist. The first blonde arrives home and discovers her fiancé having sex with Claire. Then the projectionist arrives to visit his friend christophe and Lisbeth seduces him in revenge. An aerobics class takes place in the apartment – five girls including LIsbeth and Claire. Naked Christophe and his friend the projectionist spy from the next room. A brunette, the teacher (Annick Chatel) and a blonde (XNK1449) leave, contemptuously brushing past Christophe and his friend. But the two men are invited in to join Kelly Deep (Claire), Chris Messaline (Lisbeth) and a third girl (Marilyn). A five-some follows. After this scene and 35 mins into the title Pénétrations anales appears in the German release. This title has been lifted from another film. The locale then switches and we see Mr Dracel (Gérard Grégory) at his desk next to a telephone and his doll (!). His butler is sweeping the floor next to him. Gérard telephones Kelly Deep at the apartment. Scene between original blonde and Christophe. There seems to be some sort of scam whereby Mr. Dracel advertises for babysitters and then has sex with them. Kelly Deep goes to his house and strips down to basque. BJ for Gérard, while she is taken from behind (anal) by butler. Next two girls arrive at Gérard’s (Eve and Obaya Roberts in a brunette wig). They strip and have sex with Gérard and his butler.

Date: April 25, 2023