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Lays Of Our Lives


Since we only have a very rough cut of Lays Of Our Lives, it would be unfair to give it a final rating. However, there are a couple of reasons to at least recommend that you look at this early summer release. Her name is Aja. She has an unruly, totally wild look, a brunette with sexual energy in abundance and a svelte figure. This soap operatic story involves Sharon Mitchell (supporting long hair and a pony tail) and her husband, who is apparently relaxing with Sharon’s girl. Revenge is the motive and poison is the method. You can guess the rest. Basically, director Ingley has strung quite a few sex scenes together and interspersed it with| lame dialog. Since no music or effects had” been added at press time, and since the directors’ cals can still be heard, we’ll wait for the final draft before we rate this. But one thing we know for sure – with proper;’ marketing, Aja could be a star.

Date: April 26, 2023