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Klassenziel: Sex


Let us together with this funny old movie peeped over the mores that existed within the walls of a closed pension for German ladies somewhere in the mid-nineties of the last century. Dawn piercing, tattoo and clean-shaven pubes has not yet begun, and the most that could afford matured girl high school – long bright manicure on marigolds and treatment method “hydrogen peroxide” of a brunette in a bright blonde. However implacable boiling hormones, and every day the number of virgins is rapidly decreased in the “finishing school”, good plumbers, gardeners and teachers themselves worked, not “very hard members.” Here, for example, a plumber asked the young lady a hand to him, and while she, leaning low, firmly held by both handles Fender, man planted in her tight pussy a vigorous dick – one virgin become smaller. And here is the guest house manager, periodically zastukivaet juices flowing girls with artificial phallus with which they masturbate their slits directly to the classroom, is another “violators” to his office, where he exposes the delicious Wives sophisticated sexual punishment. So included in the director’s office immaculate virgin out there already experienced woman. A gardener – and he got into the habit at all furtively at night to enter the bedchamber to the cozy sound arelax naked damsel to the most vending fuck right into an elastic ass, finally having finished her carotid attractive face. That’s just one night Casanova was caught red-handed a whole horde of naked girls who perpetrated it and deserved revenge sex, long exhausted its seed bins. In these erotic adventures and life flowed pansionerok young – and in the memory of today, already forty years matrons probably emerge often delicate pleasant memories of merry Pensions life and times.

Date: April 27, 2023