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Erotic Dreams


Watch Us With Our Men As We Force Their Dreams A Reality! With her legs spread wide, so she can receive her daily dose of sex, television sex therapist Blondie Bee tears up her script. Writer Peter North and beautiful insatiable Amber Lynn must re-write. In their mad scramble to create the right scenario fond memories of first time sexual encounters over take them, Amber remembers the thrusting pleasures of big Blake Palmer. Peter reminisces on the wet sex with nasty Gail Make and how her tongue brought him to a volcanic climax, knowing that these memories are too personal, the writers dream up a sex crazed scene with buxom Jeanette Littledove. Now she whorishly takes massive Buck Adams on the hottest sexual adventure of his career. Yet when all is said and done the two writers realize that passion is right before their eyes because erotic dreams are always the nastiest!

Date: January 28, 2023